Hotels By Day: For Those Just Passing Through

The lodging industry’s doors are being kicked in, in broad daylight.  Well, not literally.  Hotels By Day is allowing the travelers who are just passing through cities to book a hotel room for just the morning, mid-day or afternoon, at a lower rate than a full night.  This is a lot of travelers dream come true.  Hotels can make use of rooms more often creating more revenue.  Travelers can feel like their dollar is going further for those short trips or put stops during those long distance vacations.  A win-win for everyone!

Every year, countless people find themselves traveling to a city for just a few hours, whether it be for a meeting or a pit stop during a road trip.  No one, wants to have to pay for a full night’s stay when all you need is a good nap or freshen up in a real shower.  It’s super easy to locate a hotel where you might need one of these mid-day stays. People around the world are going to be very thankful that this exists now.  We plan on hearing about more people taking those cross-country road trips or meetings in other cities just for the day.

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How It Works

Discover by Stays – You can easily find amazing hotels to book a Morning, Mid-day or Afternoon stay. Discover new properties through their curated catalogue of exceptional hotels, with the best day stay deals, from value to luxury.

Book Now, Pay Later – Make a reservation through the mobile site, IOS or Android App in just three simple taps. Book now at no charge – pay at the hotel. Free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to your check-in. How awesome is that?!

Your Day Just Got Easier – Get some rest, relax, escape, or even be productive. Experience world class amenities – enjoy a great room with shower, free wifi*, complimentary breakfast*, parking and fitness center amongst others (*subject to availability). Amplify your day with the HotelsByDay experience.

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Why We Love it

Whether you are in the middle of a cross-country road trip or flying into town for literally, just a business meeting, sometimes you could use a quick nap and fresh shower to reboot.  Nobody wants to be “that guy/girl” in the airport bathroom with some napkins at the sink, freshening up. If you have flown a decent amount, you know you’ve seen that happening at least once.  

What Hotels By Day has done, is give all travelers peace of mind if you find yourself needing to plan a trip with a short stay in a city.  That mid-day nap or shower could mean the difference between a smooth, enjoyable flight or a dreadful one you can’t wait to be over.  Don’t be afraid to live life on the wild side, Hotels By Day is always in your back pocket.

The perfect combination of business & leisure

Hello you beautiful travelers! How are you guys? This week we have a treat for you, we’ve found a great article on business & leisure.

As time goes on, hotels are constantly evolving. They are changing their designs, the quality and just the overall feel of the hotel. Some people who book hotels aren’t just booking for vacation, some bring work along with them to get away and get it done. Now, some hotels are creating an office-vacation hybrid.

In the article it mentions, “Each space also includes a kitchen, storage space, and desk with office supplies. The bed is tucked away in a loft, making it more of an accessory than the central purpose of the space.” Wow, now that is a hotel I wanna book.

The director of Zoku, Hans Meyer mentions “The advance of technology has changed personal and professional lifestyles. Boundaries between work and leisure are fading, and blurring borders have made people more mobile than ever.” We agree with this 100%. Since technology is also changing, people’s decisions are based off their interactions with booking sites while using their smartphones or computers.

With our Pommtree videos, you can see exactly how they look, detail for detail. No more half fast pictures or people’s comments on how the hotel looks, you can actually see it for yourself. I know some of you are thinking, why not go there and see for yourself? Well, not everyone has the money and time to literally fly across the world, believe what people write & just try out the hotel. Ain’t no time for that.

So next time you wonder, “hmm, so does this hotel really look like the pictures or, do I really believe what this person is writing about?” Don’t be that person. We already have numerous videos on hotels. C’mon folks, come check them out on Pommtree.

Like always, until our next treat, we’ll see you soon, take care!

Smartphone users VS desktop users. Which one are you?

Hey, hey hey! It’s another beautiful day! We hope your week is going well, wherever you may be. This week, this article has caught our eye. Maybe you’ve read it, maybe not but, this article talks about how most millennial travelers, such as you guys, do research on your smartphones rather than at home, on your computer. In this day and age, many of you guys find it very convenient to use your smartphones since you’re at work or hanging out with friends.

For the users who uses their smartphone more, this is where we stand out unlike some other travel companies. Our responsive website works very well on your smartphones, no matter which smartphone you have. It makes looking for hotels and booking a stay very easy. Say for instance you are planning a trip with a group of friends and want to show them which hotels you’ve been looking into. Want to see the hotel room, the pool, even the lobby? You can easily share videos from each location and you can even go as far as sending specific videos of what parts of the hotel are really like.

Cyril Ranque, president of Expedia Lodging Partner Services said “I read recently that of the 145 million people who traveled in the U.S. last year 90% searched for travel on a mobile or tablet device at some point and about 25% of Expedia transactions are now mobile transactions. From our perspective it’s much bigger in the U.S. than China as about 50% of our Chinese customers access us on a mobile device.” Stats don’t lie ladies and gentlemen. What we find interesting for us here at Pommtree is that 49% of our traffic comes from smartphones users, 47% is desktop and 5% are tablet users. Contrary to what Cyril Ranque has said our smartphone & desktop traffic have been about even in our offering.

Elie Maalouf, CEO of IHG Americas stated “You still have to win on the physical experience so it’s important to continue to invest in the integral technology experience and the physical experience.” We couldn’t agree more with Elie Maalouf and that’s why here at Pommtree we want to do everything we can to have a guest experience the physical of a location before actually stepping in. But it’s more than just seeing a picture perfect place. It’s about other guests experiences, the ambiance, the memories that are made while on a trip. Video captures all of these things and truly help mesh the physical and digital world.

So next time when you think about booking a hotel room, stop by Pommtree to get a true physical experience from other guests to help in your travel decisions. Until next time, enjoy your week, we will be back next week with more updates! As always, we would love to hear your feedback! So long you gorgeous people!

Is video content right for every social media platform?

Hey fellow travelers!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, wherever you are.  As you may have recently read, a lot of you seem to be using Twitter to look for videos on traveling. Come to think of it, Twitter even boasts higher engagement for travel brands with video content. The question we have to ask ourselves, is Twitter the right platform for this? Skift, and many others don’t think so, and as much as we love Twitter, we’ll have to disagree as well.

According to Sebastian Neylan, who is a social communications manager at Lonely Planet, “In essence, we see video as a vehicle for us to provide travel-related content in a more entertaining way, regardless of which channel that piece actually goes out on.” We agree with what Sebastian Neylan has said but feel travel specific platforms are best for this content to live on! On Pommtree, the video over the course of it’s lifetime, lives on the venue page itself so people will always be able to see content uploaded of that place. On Twitter, there is only the availability to view the content once it’s tweeted out. It’s very difficult to scroll through past tweets to find a specific tweet/video and it is very time consuming. The tweets will provide what is only relevant in real time. As minutes or hours pass by, the tweet is no longer seen, whereas on Pommtree the videos will constantly be getting viewed time and time again.

Another downside of Twitter for travel video is there isn’t a way to search specifics for a location. You can’t differentiate if the location or videos themselves are popular or useful. On Pommtree, we have tags which help travelers drill down on specifics to view and find exactly what they are looking for. We also have a view count on each and every video so you can actually see how many people watched the video and how popular the video is compared to others.

Since we’ve launched 2 weeks ago, we’ve had over 1,800 videos uploaded by you beautiful users! Your experiences and memories that you’ve captured through video in your travel and dining journeys are not only a great to store on Pommtree but, you can revisit these special moments any time you want, wherever you are. What makes it even better is, there are others just like you, uploading their awesome experiences!

Don’t be afraid to leave us comments, suggestions and concerns. We would love to hear back from you guys! All as well, take care until our next blog update!