7 coolest travel videos from Iceland

In “Iceland Road Trip Adventure”, intrepicon and girlfriend rent a caravan in Hafnarfjörôur, Iceland, and proceed to show us the wonders accessible to travelers by car. We see moving images of waterfalls and glaciers, travel through tunnels and over bridges—all while subtitles in the bottom left corner allow us to track the travelers’ progress throughout the country.

Mike and Jay pack what looks to be a week’s worth of travel into a 4 minute film. This high quality film shows all the usual sightseeing—waterfalls, hikes, glaciers, and more—with the point of view filming from behind Mike and Jay so that the audience can experience a more rounded experience with the travelers.

Tineey Tsang takes us on her journey through Iceland with key bits of information scattered throughout the film for viewers that may want advice on where to stay, eat, and what to do.

The Reeves Family uses their GoPro to film their entire Iceland experience—beginning with a surprise destination reveal in the airport. You can find breathtaking views via the GoPro on a drone over glaciers, buildings, lakes, and much more. The Reeves’ video shows us a side of Iceland we haven’t seen yet—a bird’s eye view from the sky paired with an upbeat song that gets viewers excited.

Hello City Girl’s travel video is mostly compiled clips of landscapes. The viewer can get a sense of Iceland’s serenity and tranquility throughout the film.

Similar to Hello City Girl’s video, Martin Critchley uses moving landscapes that fade throughout his rather lengthy travel video. The ambient music paired with the calming colors that Iceland has to offer produces a calming effect.

Mon Amie’s video compilation shows both the same waterfalls, glaciers, and geysers we have now seen quite a bit, but also the smaller more simplistic things within Iceland. One screen shows the smooth pebbles that cover the beaches. Another shows a close-up shot of Amie’s hand touching wet moss. As the audience, I feel like I have touched a wet mossy rock in Iceland—and I’m sitting in a library in Winston Salem.

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What to check out while in Buenos Aires


An acronym for Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, MALBA is located in Buenos Aires’ Palermo section. With art collections from all corners of the world, the MALBA is a must-see for art lovers.

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon is among the world’s best opera houses. In fact, it is considered to have the best acoustics of any concert venue in “todo el mundo!”

Casa Rosada

Translating to “pink house” La Casa Rosada is the President of Argentina’s house. Similar to taking a White House tour in Washington, DC, you can tour the Pink House!

Anuva Wines

Spend a day Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires with family and friends. Choose Anuva for their world renowned wines and humorous sommeliers.

Puente de la Mujer

Spanish for “Women’s Bridge,” Puente de la Mujer is a modern rotating bridge built in construction district of Buenos Aires. You may cross it on your way out of town, but if not, take the scenic route.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a small port in Buenos Aires that gives walking access to the water, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Spend a day shopping or go out on the town at night!

Rose Garden

Looking for something quick to do outdoors? Stroll through Buenos Aires’ Rose Garden! Roses of all colors and sizes are grown in the masses for tourists like you to admire.

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Where to get your drink on in Buenos Aires

The Harrison Speakeasy

This prohibition themed bar requires a password. A bit exclusive, but as long as you enjoy talking to locals you can acquire access to one of the most unique themed bars in the city.

Florería Atlántico

Somewhat hidden in the basement of a florist in Recoleta’s market is Florería Atlántico. Renato “Tato” Giovannoni creates a list of award-winning cocktails using unique ingredients such as yerba mate.

Café San Bernardo

If you’re on the lookout for a more casual and rowdy bar than the previously mentioned exclusive speakeasy and handcrafted cocktail bar, look no further. By day, this is a local’s favorite coffee café. By night, this is the Buenos Aires equivalent to a sports bar. Stocked with ping pong and foosball tables, satisfy your competitive nature at Café San Bernardo.

Sky Bar

Located on the thirteenth floor of Hotel Pulitzer, have a pint of beer or a handcrafted cocktail overlooking the Argentina’s capital city.


Have one of Brazil’s national cocktails, a caipirinha, in a quaint green-painted bar in the heart of one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.


A well-dress younger crowd spends time at Isabel in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The bartenders are famous for their customer service and genuineness.


Taking its name from the street number, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding “ocho siete ocho.” The backlit and well-stocked bar is the center of attention, framed with bare brick walls. Check out this former speakeasy in Buenos Aires on your trip!

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Where to eat while in Buenos Aires

I Latina

Offering diners a wide selection of fine wine as well as home-cooked Latin American meals, the Macías siblings run this restaurant as a family business. Santiago, the eldest brother is even the chef.


This is the chic bistro inside hotel Fierro I mentioned before. Hotel guests can enjoy the vibrancy of Chef Holloway’s fresh ingredients and house-made dishes.

Casa SaltShaker

Located in el Barrio Norte, Casa SaltShaker offers guests quite an integrated experience—your party will be combined with other diners. Have one of the delicious menu items inspired by global cuisine while making friends. Casa SaltShaker is one of the city’s “restaurantes con puertas cerradas” translating literally to “restaurants with closed doors.”  This means that the intimate setting allows you the chance to interact with other diners!


Named #28 of Latin America’s best restaurants, Chila has served traditional Argentine dishes with small twists since 2006. Seasonal menus ensure a dynamic variety of options for the frequent diner.

Aramburu Restó

Aramburu offers guests the opportunity to cook with the chefs in some cases. For example, diners have been known to garnish their own plates and sear their own shrimp on a hot stone. This highly interactive restaurant keeps customers of all ages busy.

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Where to stay while in Buenos Aires

Mine Boutique Hotel

Placed right in the middle of Soho, Buenos Aires, Mine Hotel is sprinkled with outdoor seating areas, fountains, and an outdoor pool. Also, enjoy free parking and breakfast during your stay!

Casa Calma

Casa Calma is exactly the way that it sounds—calm. With lush plants growing out the side of its walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an overall contemporary feel, Casa Calma can give you one of the most luxurious stays in Buenos Aires available.

Alvear Palace

This imperial-style “palace” is the perfect place to post up for your vacation and be treated like a king. Dining options include an exclusive afternoon tea time (rightfully so).


This four-star hotel has a spa, pool, bar, and chic bistro. Set in the Palermo section of Buenos Aires, you can use Fierro’s city-overlook balconies to watch sunsets and sunrises in the beautiful city.

Duque Hotel & Spa

This boutique hotel offers a 1920’s themed décor to guests and only a two-kilometer walk from the MALBA museum. You can even have a cookout with your family and friends with the BBQ facilities provided!


Vain Boutique hotel lies at the end of quaint tree-lined street. As usual in these luxurious Argentinian hotels, breakfast is free, and this time served on the terrace.


Mio is located just beyond an eclectic wall made of wine barrels. Once inside, enjoy a wide display of fine Argentinian art, spacious rooms and lounges, and even a library for guests fully stocked with iPads.

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What to check out while in Cancun, Mexico


Experience life under the sea. Cancun offers tours upon tours featuring snorkeling and diving guides to view fish, sharks, rays, and even sunken ships. Make it an all-day activity or wake up extra early to pack in more than just snorkeling!

Scuba Diving

See the same sea life from a different perspective. Taking the time to train and get certified is a breeze once you realize how close you are able to experience the colorful corals teeming with fish.

Selvatica Zip Line

This zip line is famous for providing a “hands-on” tour of Cancun’s flora and fauna. First, you receive complimentary pickup and drop-off from hotel/resort of your choice. Next, you plunge into the world of zip lining through a course of various zip lines designed to show you a part of Cancun you can’t find anywhere else.

Surf School

For certified surf schools, you are guaranteed to stand on your board or your money back. If this is not intriguing as it is, all levels of surfers are welcome as well. Safe, professional, and friendly instructors can teach you a new sport within a span of only two hours!

Chichen Itza

Travelers from all corners of the world travel to see these ancient Mayan ruins which thrived from early 600 AD until the late 1200’s. Structures from ancient Mayan life remain—the ball court remains in almost pristine condition for tourists to marvel at. Go on an official tour or show yourself around and explore the ruins.

Avenida Kukulkan

For all your shopping needs while in Cancun, Mexico. Find anything from drugstores to high-end brands on this avenue.

Museo Maya de Cancun

Continue exploring your interest in ancient Mayan artifacts! They are displayed at El Museo Maya de Cancun: a small yet intriguing contemporary setting.

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Where to get your drink on in Cancun, Mexico


This full-scale nightclub opens daily at 9:30 for all your nightclubbing needs. The dazzling entrance distinguishes Mandala from other bars and nightclubs in the area. Strategic lighting, Buddha statues of all sizes, and dangling chandeliers decorate the opening to the club.

La Vaquita

This massive disco-tech themed nightclub offers weekly events which are posted on their website. La Vaquita is for the traveler that wants an energetic and exciting atmosphere.

Congo Bar

Expect to see the younger travelers at the Congo Bar. Offering some of the cheapest deals in all of Cancun, this is always a popular spot in the city. There are only thirty dollars standing between you and an open bar…


The Palazzo attracts party-goers of all ages. The massive room with varying floor levels offers different levels of access; VIP, general access, etc. Bottle service is available.

The City

The best DJs in the world come to Cancun to perform at The City. Year after year, it is rated within the top five clubs in Cancun. Come see what the hype is all about.

Coco Bongo

Booze Cruise

This falls under both activities and places to get your drink on. Booze cruises can be found all over the city through multiple companies. The basic premise of your day would be wake up, drink, delicious provided lunch, drink, even more delicious and provided dinner, drink. All while at sea!

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Where to eat while in Cancun, Mexico

Peter’s Restaurante

One of the most popular stops in Cancun, this restaurant will probably be easily accessible by shuttle (no matter which hotel or resort you choose). The atmosphere and dress code can be described as post-beach casual. And the food… You can’t go wrong with the modern European flavors provided in each and every dish.

The White Box


Located within the Hotel Grand Oasis, The White Box provides one of the most extensive selections of wine in the city. If you are looking for a more upscale meal for one of your nights on vacation, look no further. Specializing in fresh and local seafood, this is one of the most authentic places for a bite to eat in Cancun.

Du Mexique

du mexi

 Du Mexique provides French cuisine in the heart of Cancun. Guests tend to rave about Du Mexique’s wide selection of desserts.



This extremely contemporary provides diners with meals similar to a traditional Latin American dish. Remember to bring your dresses, slacks and button-downs—the strict dress code may prevent opportunities to taste chef Berasategui’s carefully crafted menu.

La Dolce Vita

Experience fine Italian and seafood right on the waterfront. Sunset is usually their busiest time, so plan accordingly. Diners use words such as “sophisticated,” “hidden gem,” and “best ever” to refer to this restaurant in the middle of downtown Cancun.

Rino’s Pizza Time


A more casual lunch-time restaurant, swing by to grab a slice in between activities or simply if you aren’t feeling up to a full-commitment meal. The family oriented atmosphere welcomes diners of all ages with thick-crusted pizza. It is so authentic that the menu is in solely Spanish.


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Where to stay while in Cancun, Mexico

Live Aqua

An adult-only, all-inclusive, stress-free stay at Live Aqua is one of the most relaxed in Cancun. Each room provides you with items essential for a day at the beach—sandals, beach bag, and sunblock. All you need to bring is yourself and an appetite for some of the finest dining, most luxurious rooms, and an all-inclusive spa.

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

Beachfront to the perfect white-sanded Coral Beach, Grand Fiesta provides a stay for the slightly more adventurous traveler. Water sports in particular are Grand Fiesta’s specialty. With classes and instructors available for purchase you can learn to water ski on vacation!

Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc is another adult all-inclusive resort in Cancun; you can experience the wonders of the city within the walls of a single resort.  The Caribbean waterfront sparkles beyond the countless pools of Le Blanc. Continually winning awards from travel sites, Le Blanc was named the second best all inclusive resort in the WORLD. Check it out for yourself…


This all inclusive resort provides restaurants, bars, pools, spas, and gyms all within a building capped by glass pyramids. Swim in the ocean or any one of the countless pools, tan on the beach, and have dinner beach-side watching the sun set on the Caribbean.

Moon Palace

On a slightly smaller scale than some of the other all-inclusive Cancun resorts, Moon Palace provides high-quality amenities 1 kilometer from the ocean. Guests say that experiencing this sun-drenched destination poolside is more than enough. However, most rooms provide beautiful ocean views!

Secrets the Vine

Rooms within Secrets the Vine have windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, allowing all available seaside light to illuminate the rooms. This resort features infinity pools as well as countless amenities such as 7 restaurants, 6 bars, 2 lounges, and a fitness center.

Gran Caribe

The Gran Caribe is unique due to its all-inclusive water park and full-service spa. Despite its medium size, the resort has full amenities and more. You’ll never be bored of the choices within Gran Caribe.

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Where to get your drink on in New York City

Death + Co.

Bartenders in bowties and suspenders serve cocktails from a menu of 100+ unique creations in a dark and moody environment.

Le Bain

Arriving atop the grass-covered rooftop bar of The Standard Hotel you will find yourself amidst world-famous DJs, a plunge pool, dance floor, crêperie, and awe-inspiring views of the city.


This lively lounge in Brooklyn plays global music, offers tropical drinks, and exudes exotic vibes. Swing by for salsa dancing, socializing, and drinking.


Creative cocktails and small plates are served within the shimmering walls of Goldbar. The vaulted ceiling, walls, and chandelier sparkle with tiny gold skulls and maintain a unique ambiance.

Marquee Nightclub

For the party goer who wants to be at the #1 club in New York City.

The Loopy Droopy Rooftop Bar

Order a glass of Prosecco with a popsicle to dip it in, sit on the rooftop, and watch the sunset.


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