The next generation of luxury customers

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, dudes, and dudettes. This week we want you all to have the word “hotels” in your head. Why you ask? As you may know or heard, many companies are trying to fancy up their hotels and make them look beautiful, almost as beautiful as you guys are. We have all had those experiences where we book a hotel, then find out it looks like a motel from the 1970’s that hasn’t been cleaned in 30 years. Yeah we know, disgusting.

Take a look at  In the article it states “Loews wants to run a prestigious property that offers great services, and the term ‘intimate luxury’ really reflects that goal,” he says. “It reflects our understanding of the guest experience for close to 75 years, so we try to provide that intimate luxury in a way that is not in your face. It is unpretentious and it is comfortable. That’s what we feel really signifies the Loews Regency brand.” Well, isn’t that cool? What better way to see these luxury hotels than through us? Nowadays who doesn’t have a smartphone that can record some 1080p videos?! This is the generation of iPhone’s, not motorola razrs. We actually still have ours in our closet and it’s ohhh sooo pretty.

Eh hem, anyways, we totally agree with the article in terms of how hotels have to change for the customers. It would make everyone feel more at home if they felt more comfortable. Let’s be brutally honest, pictures and comments will not do you justice. A couple of random comments and pictures from strangers will not convince you if anything, it would probably steer you away from that specific hotel. Drop by Pommtree and you will get the most legit videos from the realest, and I mean the realest people around the world.

Want to show your friends and family where you have traveled too? Upload your own videos! Then you will have more room for your endless collections of selfies, because let’s be honest, we all need to take some selfies in our lifetime.

Alright folks, we’re out, until our next  rendezvous, catch you later.