5 coolest travel videos from Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Wanted adventure gives us the inside scoop on the history of Oktoberfest.


Justin and Andrew are GERRRRRRmens for the day during their Oktoberfest journey.


Get Germanized shows us that Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHUGING bier on a table will get you thrown out of the tent.


Sky does Oktoberfest, Sky does have a good time.


Tipsy Bartender gives us an inside look into the best tent at Oktoberfest – Hofbrauhaus.


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7 Coolest Travel Videos from Quebec, Canada

Explore the “Amsterdam of the West” with the Vaga Brothers! Montreal is a city filled with rich history, beautiful architecture, serene views, and a bubbling social scene.



“Joe Goes” goes to Montreal. Watch this comical exchange between Joe and locals for essential French lingo and the city’s greatest attractions.


Trust Samuel and Audrey, these are THE top 30 things to do in Montreal: everything from fine arts to the best bagel spots!


Put your coats, beanies, and gloves on with Kristen Sarah as she visits Hotel de Glace (an ice hotel) in Quebec City.


Chris Hau captures Quebec City in a uniquely beautiful way. Make sure you to make this Canadian province your next visit!


Looking for the perfect winter wonderland? Visit Quebec City during Carnaval de Quebec!


Montreal truly is a city that is gaining global attention for its vibrant and unique food and bar scene! Journey with Soothingsista for the best activities the city has to offer.


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7 Coolest Travel Videos from Tulum, Mexico

Go on an adventure through time with Gabriel as he explores the beautiful Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico


In need for a unique beach experience? Look no further than Tulum where one can float in the water as he or she revels at the beauty of thousand year old ruins.


Fan of authentic Mexican cuisine? Foodie? Get ready for your mouth to water after watching this video by Bruce Marley!


Escape civilization within an ancient civilization with Allison McNamara. Tulum is home to two worlds, one of the known and unknown/modern and old.


Raya dedicates her travels in passion, inspiration, travel, culture, adventure, and self-love. Explore Tulum by “living like the Ancient Mayans!”


Eat, tan, bar crawl, and explore what Tulum has to offer with this amazing video by Extrasunbeamsjess.


Enjoy this lighthearted and fun video by Anthony Padilla. Tulum is a place where memories will be made, laughs will be shared, and pictures will be snapped, and times will be documented.

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7 Coolest Travel Videos from Puerto Rico

See the lovely Puerto Rico through the eyes of Booker, an ambitious and outgoing travel blogger that embraces the country’s culture.


Party! Dancing! Good Times! Gareth Leonard takes us on a night out in the vibrant city of San Juan.


Just a couple of friends exploring Puerto Rico’s best dive bars, beaches, restaurants, activities, and restaurants! Come join in on the fun, watch the video, and book your next ticket to this beautiful paradise.


Andrew Engel takes us on a journey to Cueva Ventana.  The beautiful lookout, lush green lands, and gorgeous landscapes will leave you speechless.


Explore Puerto Rico’s most thrilling activities nature has to offer. See the country through the adventurous and daring Bob Reese! If you are an adrenaline junkie or looking for fun, Puerto Rico may be the place!


Kristen Sarah provides the best and essential “What to do” and “What not to do” sights and activities video for Puerto Rico.


Mark Humphreys starts his video with an emphatic “This is Puerto Rico!” The travel aficionado showcases the lovely islands of  Culebra, Vieques, and Bioluminescent Bay.


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7 Coolest Travel Videos from the Philippines

El Nido, Palawan- Getaways, thrills, endless beaches. That is the Philippines for you. This video defines why the Philippines is the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.” El Nido is becoming more and more of a household name to travelers due to its serene location, white beaches, and untouched landscapes. The Philippine people are known to be very hospitable, and this video shows how you will be treated with like a local(with lots of love)!

Sherack’s City’s video is entitled “The ULTIMATE” Philippines Travel video for a reason. His footage riding motorcycles, swimming with fish, working with fishermen, drinking from coconuts, and enjoying local festivities tempts you to buying the next ticket out to the Philippines!


If you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for fun, why not consider finding the best place to cliff jump? The Philippines’ various terrains and islands allow this! The Philippines is an ideal destination for one to experience a new way of living. It is a place to relax, yet it boasts the best places for experiences like cliff jumping.


Although the Philippines is home to many of the world’s greatest beaches, it is also home to the most hospitable people in the world. One aspect many Filipinos pride themselves on is cooking. Here is a glimpse at the inexpensive and delicious eats a traveler may find. Think about it: A fried banana in between a pancake? Is your mouth starting to water? If you’re answer is yes, the Philippines has many ways to fulfill your cravings!



Carlos Costa takes you with him during his backpacking adventure in the Philippines. He hits up the essential spots every foreigner must experience. Why is it a must? Take a look. The Philippines is all about positivity, adventure, and good vibes. Whether it be snorkeling with fish, hanging out with Filipinos, riding local transportation, one must let the country consume them.

“It looks alright in the picture” is how the video begins. This video will leave you speechless. Palawan, an island of the Philippines, is home to one of the seven “modern wonders of the world.” The island and its beaches is a perfect getaway. (I cannot say more due to the loss of words I have after watching this) Warning, the same might happen to you!


Whale Sharks. Whale sharks!!!! Another place that is not often mention but is slowly becoming a household name is Cebu. This island province is home to the country’s best waterfalls and whale watching experiences. Many foreigners are skeptical about the “amount of sharks” in the water; however, THERE ARE PLENTY! This video shows the “must dos” at Cebu. It not only shows the whale watching experience and the waterfall adventure, but describes to potential visitors about costs and mode of transportation. Lastly: The falls are truly a gift from nature waiting for you!

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7 coolest travel videos from Italy

Italy’s GoPro teams gives us awe-inspiring glimpses of age-old cities and monuments throughout Italy.

Marianna squeezes an entire summer’s worth of Italy into her upbeat video compilation.

HAUSOFCOLOR explores every aspect of Venice for us! We feel like we are in Piazza San Marco with her.

Sazan hits all the necessities with her film: food, culture, people, and history.

Alex and friends show us the entirety of their sweet Italy summer vacation.

Samantha couldn’t be more excited to show us 13 minutes of pure excitement on her Venetian vacation.

We truly admire the daring move to travel to Italy solo…here’s what happened when Mel Rose did it!

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5 more awesome travel videos from Ibiza

Jacek captures the best of Ibiza’s beautiful coast.

Khris gives us an all-inclusive look at his three day stay in Ibiza.

Kitti Lubmin shows us just how crazy nightlife in Spain can be!

Tiffy Quake and husband, Mario, create a fun Ibiza vlog from their modern beach-side hotel.

Jack gives us the ultimate Ibiza trip for the adventurous traveler.

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7 coolest travel videos from Ibiza, Spain

Hanhabelle and friends give a candid review of the food, partying, and boating Ibiza has to offer. What more could we want?

Greg and Sara’s lighthearted video shows us what the off-season in party central looks like!

Mon Amie allows us to tag along and see the breathtaking views on her Spanish vacation.

From travel to beaches to nightlife, this short film will surely pump you up for your next vacation.

Tippy Productions and friends show us the time of a lifetime in Ibiza through their GoPro.

Not all Ibiza-goers visit for the parties! Aris shows us a calm and sight-seeing filled trip.

Silvestre’s film captures the essence of Ibiza: day-drinking on a boat.

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7 coolest travel videos from the Virgin Islands

Ben Ellefson films the adventure that is 2015 yacht week in the British Virgin Islands.

Rick Moore captures the essence of a vacation in the BVI’s.

Diana’s upbeat film shows us the highlights from her trip to the US Virgin Islands—you can find anything from the islands’ teeming wildlife to local food.

Jacob and Katie Schwarz give us one of the most surreal looks at the Virgin Islands with their landscape time-lapses and fluid filming technique.

Caribbean blogger, Ryan, gives us an un-edited version of a day at the baths in Virgin Gorda.

Irix Guy’s travel video provides us with an adventurous inside look at Virgin Gorda’s baths.

Stephanie Hurtado moves to the US Virgin Islands and compacts her first two months into this sweet film.

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7 coolest travel videos from Hawaii

In her travel vlog, Reece Lopez shows us her snorkeling, paddleboarding, and exploring adventures in Oahu.

Nainoa Langer shares with us his Oahu experience—most intriguing is his cliff/rock jump montage around 1:48. You won’t be able to sit still in your seat while watching this upbeat film.

This travel video compilation shows us every water activity possible during your vacation on the Big Island!

The Perkins give us a look at some of the most daring adventures in Kauai: skydiving, ziplining, and offroading.

Aspyn Ovard’s video gives a look at some of the same beaches we have seen in previous films but with a twist… A lot of her shots are taken from the sky. We get a bird’s eye view of Hawaii

This clip shows us a luxurious stay in Hawaii doing all sorts of activities such as whale watching, swimming, boating, and partying.

Zane Lamprey narrates his vacation in Maui with a bit of humor. We get a peek into his daily meals, beachside days, and snorkeling adventures all while learning fun facts about Maui.

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