7 Coolest Travel Videos from Quebec, Canada

Explore the “Amsterdam of the West” with the Vaga Brothers! Montreal is a city filled with rich history, beautiful architecture, serene views, and a bubbling social scene.



“Joe Goes” goes to Montreal. Watch this comical exchange between Joe and locals for essential French lingo and the city’s greatest attractions.


Trust Samuel and Audrey, these are THE top 30 things to do in Montreal: everything from fine arts to the best bagel spots!


Put your coats, beanies, and gloves on with Kristen Sarah as she visits Hotel de Glace (an ice hotel) in Quebec City.


Chris Hau captures Quebec City in a uniquely beautiful way. Make sure you to make this Canadian province your next visit!


Looking for the perfect winter wonderland? Visit Quebec City during Carnaval de Quebec!


Montreal truly is a city that is gaining global attention for its vibrant and unique food and bar scene! Journey with Soothingsista for the best activities the city has to offer.


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