7 Coolest Travel Videos from the Philippines

El Nido, Palawan- Getaways, thrills, endless beaches. That is the Philippines for you. This video defines why the Philippines is the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.” El Nido is becoming more and more of a household name to travelers due to its serene location, white beaches, and untouched landscapes. The Philippine people are known to be very hospitable, and this video shows how you will be treated with like a local(with lots of love)!

Sherack’s City’s video is entitled “The ULTIMATE” Philippines Travel video for a reason. His footage riding motorcycles, swimming with fish, working with fishermen, drinking from coconuts, and enjoying local festivities tempts you to buying the next ticket out to the Philippines!


If you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for fun, why not consider finding the best place to cliff jump? The Philippines’ various terrains and islands allow this! The Philippines is an ideal destination for one to experience a new way of living. It is a place to relax, yet it boasts the best places for experiences like cliff jumping.


Although the Philippines is home to many of the world’s greatest beaches, it is also home to the most hospitable people in the world. One aspect many Filipinos pride themselves on is cooking. Here is a glimpse at the inexpensive and delicious eats a traveler may find. Think about it: A fried banana in between a pancake? Is your mouth starting to water? If you’re answer is yes, the Philippines has many ways to fulfill your cravings!



Carlos Costa takes you with him during his backpacking adventure in the Philippines. He hits up the essential spots every foreigner must experience. Why is it a must? Take a look. The Philippines is all about positivity, adventure, and good vibes. Whether it be snorkeling with fish, hanging out with Filipinos, riding local transportation, one must let the country consume them.

“It looks alright in the picture” is how the video begins. This video will leave you speechless. Palawan, an island of the Philippines, is home to one of the seven “modern wonders of the world.” The island and its beaches is a perfect getaway. (I cannot say more due to the loss of words I have after watching this) Warning, the same might happen to you!


Whale Sharks. Whale sharks!!!! Another place that is not often mention but is slowly becoming a household name is Cebu. This island province is home to the country’s best waterfalls and whale watching experiences. Many foreigners are skeptical about the “amount of sharks” in the water; however, THERE ARE PLENTY! This video shows the “must dos” at Cebu. It not only shows the whale watching experience and the waterfall adventure, but describes to potential visitors about costs and mode of transportation. Lastly: The falls are truly a gift from nature waiting for you!

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