7 coolest travel videos from Hawaii

In her travel vlog, Reece Lopez shows us her snorkeling, paddleboarding, and exploring adventures in Oahu.

Nainoa Langer shares with us his Oahu experience—most intriguing is his cliff/rock jump montage around 1:48. You won’t be able to sit still in your seat while watching this upbeat film.

This travel video compilation shows us every water activity possible during your vacation on the Big Island!

The Perkins give us a look at some of the most daring adventures in Kauai: skydiving, ziplining, and offroading.

Aspyn Ovard’s video gives a look at some of the same beaches we have seen in previous films but with a twist… A lot of her shots are taken from the sky. We get a bird’s eye view of Hawaii

This clip shows us a luxurious stay in Hawaii doing all sorts of activities such as whale watching, swimming, boating, and partying.

Zane Lamprey narrates his vacation in Maui with a bit of humor. We get a peek into his daily meals, beachside days, and snorkeling adventures all while learning fun facts about Maui.

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