7 coolest travel videos from Bali

Oh Hello Weekend’s short compilation of Bali destinations, foods, activities, and landscapes come together to form a three minute long upbeat travel video. Watch this to get an inside look at what life looks like for a Bali local.

The majority of Alexander Tikhomirov’s video is shot in, on, or near the sea. Get an up-close perspective of surfing, swimming, and biking from this adventurous film.

Jes Grevs leaves nothing to the imagination—we as viewers can experience everything from the wildlife to the nightlife in Bali. Six weeks of travelling are incorporated into this 7-minute film.

Joanne Skywalker’s video sets itself apart from the rest of the Bali videos with the music choice. As she does incorporate a similar film reel of beautiful waterfalls and luscious forests, her upbeat music choice gives the video a more authentic feel. The audience gets a sense that they are walking through the market in Bali with her.

The friends who traveled for one week commence with the flight to Bali and end with a sunset ride on the boat. The audience feels that they have spent an entire adventure-filled day in Bali as well.

Ambient music paired with beautiful landscape scenes lure the viewer into booking one-way tickets to Bali.

Whatever There Was uses close-up shots of nature’s textures to incorporate into his movie as well as fluid panning shots. The attention to detail as well as the high film quality give the illusion of being in Bali.

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