7 coolest travel videos from Iceland

In “Iceland Road Trip Adventure”, intrepicon and girlfriend rent a caravan in Hafnarfjörôur, Iceland, and proceed to show us the wonders accessible to travelers by car. We see moving images of waterfalls and glaciers, travel through tunnels and over bridges—all while subtitles in the bottom left corner allow us to track the travelers’ progress throughout the country.

Mike and Jay pack what looks to be a week’s worth of travel into a 4 minute film. This high quality film shows all the usual sightseeing—waterfalls, hikes, glaciers, and more—with the point of view filming from behind Mike and Jay so that the audience can experience a more rounded experience with the travelers.

Tineey Tsang takes us on her journey through Iceland with key bits of information scattered throughout the film for viewers that may want advice on where to stay, eat, and what to do.

The Reeves Family uses their GoPro to film their entire Iceland experience—beginning with a surprise destination reveal in the airport. You can find breathtaking views via the GoPro on a drone over glaciers, buildings, lakes, and much more. The Reeves’ video shows us a side of Iceland we haven’t seen yet—a bird’s eye view from the sky paired with an upbeat song that gets viewers excited.

Hello City Girl’s travel video is mostly compiled clips of landscapes. The viewer can get a sense of Iceland’s serenity and tranquility throughout the film.

Similar to Hello City Girl’s video, Martin Critchley uses moving landscapes that fade throughout his rather lengthy travel video. The ambient music paired with the calming colors that Iceland has to offer produces a calming effect.

Mon Amie’s video compilation shows both the same waterfalls, glaciers, and geysers we have now seen quite a bit, but also the smaller more simplistic things within Iceland. One screen shows the smooth pebbles that cover the beaches. Another shows a close-up shot of Amie’s hand touching wet moss. As the audience, I feel like I have touched a wet mossy rock in Iceland—and I’m sitting in a library in Winston Salem.

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