Where to eat while in Buenos Aires

I Latina

Offering diners a wide selection of fine wine as well as home-cooked Latin American meals, the Macías siblings run this restaurant as a family business. Santiago, the eldest brother is even the chef.


This is the chic bistro inside hotel Fierro I mentioned before. Hotel guests can enjoy the vibrancy of Chef Holloway’s fresh ingredients and house-made dishes.

Casa SaltShaker

Located in el Barrio Norte, Casa SaltShaker offers guests quite an integrated experience—your party will be combined with other diners. Have one of the delicious menu items inspired by global cuisine while making friends. Casa SaltShaker is one of the city’s “restaurantes con puertas cerradas” translating literally to “restaurants with closed doors.”  This means that the intimate setting allows you the chance to interact with other diners!


Named #28 of Latin America’s best restaurants, Chila has served traditional Argentine dishes with small twists since 2006. Seasonal menus ensure a dynamic variety of options for the frequent diner.

Aramburu Restó

Aramburu offers guests the opportunity to cook with the chefs in some cases. For example, diners have been known to garnish their own plates and sear their own shrimp on a hot stone. This highly interactive restaurant keeps customers of all ages busy.

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