Where to get your drink on in Cancun, Mexico


This full-scale nightclub opens daily at 9:30 for all your nightclubbing needs. The dazzling entrance distinguishes Mandala from other bars and nightclubs in the area. Strategic lighting, Buddha statues of all sizes, and dangling chandeliers decorate the opening to the club.

La Vaquita

This massive disco-tech themed nightclub offers weekly events which are posted on their website. La Vaquita is for the traveler that wants an energetic and exciting atmosphere.

Congo Bar

Expect to see the younger travelers at the Congo Bar. Offering some of the cheapest deals in all of Cancun, this is always a popular spot in the city. There are only thirty dollars standing between you and an open bar…


The Palazzo attracts party-goers of all ages. The massive room with varying floor levels offers different levels of access; VIP, general access, etc. Bottle service is available.

The City

The best DJs in the world come to Cancun to perform at The City. Year after year, it is rated within the top five clubs in Cancun. Come see what the hype is all about.

Coco Bongo

Booze Cruise

This falls under both activities and places to get your drink on. Booze cruises can be found all over the city through multiple companies. The basic premise of your day would be wake up, drink, delicious provided lunch, drink, even more delicious and provided dinner, drink. All while at sea!

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