Hotels By Day: For Those Just Passing Through

The lodging industry’s doors are being kicked in, in broad daylight.  Well, not literally.  Hotels By Day is allowing the travelers who are just passing through cities to book a hotel room for just the morning, mid-day or afternoon, at a lower rate than a full night.  This is a lot of travelers dream come true.  Hotels can make use of rooms more often creating more revenue.  Travelers can feel like their dollar is going further for those short trips or put stops during those long distance vacations.  A win-win for everyone!

Every year, countless people find themselves traveling to a city for just a few hours, whether it be for a meeting or a pit stop during a road trip.  No one, wants to have to pay for a full night’s stay when all you need is a good nap or freshen up in a real shower.  It’s super easy to locate a hotel where you might need one of these mid-day stays. People around the world are going to be very thankful that this exists now.  We plan on hearing about more people taking those cross-country road trips or meetings in other cities just for the day.

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How It Works

Discover by Stays – You can easily find amazing hotels to book a Morning, Mid-day or Afternoon stay. Discover new properties through their curated catalogue of exceptional hotels, with the best day stay deals, from value to luxury.

Book Now, Pay Later – Make a reservation through the mobile site, IOS or Android App in just three simple taps. Book now at no charge – pay at the hotel. Free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to your check-in. How awesome is that?!

Your Day Just Got Easier – Get some rest, relax, escape, or even be productive. Experience world class amenities – enjoy a great room with shower, free wifi*, complimentary breakfast*, parking and fitness center amongst others (*subject to availability). Amplify your day with the HotelsByDay experience.

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Why We Love it

Whether you are in the middle of a cross-country road trip or flying into town for literally, just a business meeting, sometimes you could use a quick nap and fresh shower to reboot.  Nobody wants to be “that guy/girl” in the airport bathroom with some napkins at the sink, freshening up. If you have flown a decent amount, you know you’ve seen that happening at least once.  

What Hotels By Day has done, is give all travelers peace of mind if you find yourself needing to plan a trip with a short stay in a city.  That mid-day nap or shower could mean the difference between a smooth, enjoyable flight or a dreadful one you can’t wait to be over.  Don’t be afraid to live life on the wild side, Hotels By Day is always in your back pocket.