How to keep an audience’s attention!

How are our beautiful travelers doing today? Great and adventurous? We feel like that too

This week, we want you guys to read

It’s not too much reading since we do love making you read :) It’s good for you, I promise. This article talks about a few ways that helps capture people’s attention, and that includes you! It’s kinda funny actually, we do everything that is mentioned in the article 😉

First off, videos. We can’t stress how important videos are. Since pictures can’t show a 3D of how a hotel room looks, we’ll just shoot an HD video of it. Sounds fair huh.

Statistics say “88% of visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video displayed” Well damn, we just wanted to say we love 88% of you beautiful people :)

This also includes 360 tours of the whole room. You guys might be tired of stats but, hotels are viewed three times longer with 360 tours! it’s like having 3 dollars and multiplying that by another 3. Then you have 9 dollars… Sorry, we got carried away.

We feel like the next one is the most important. Interacting with our users/audience. With our comment section, we can interact, ask questions or just tell stories about how much fun we or you dudes had at the hotel. Now, if you aren’t hooked by now, I don’t know what to say. CAUSE WE’RE HOOKED!

Anyways, we know your eyes are tired, so stop reading, and head over to Pommtree, you won’t regret it.

Until next time, stay tuned, and stay adventurous. We’ll chat later, adios!

User Generated Content VS. Non User Generated Content

What is good our fellow Pommtree fanatics! I have a treat for you Ladies and Gents this week. We want you dudes and dudettes to think of the most used Travel websites, whether it be booking or looking at reviews. Now, be honest, how many of the websites is mostly populated by users? Not a lot right.

Take a look at

It beautifully talks about why everyone should let users share their content. Travelers are people too!

First thing that this article mentions is, how it reassures consumers are legitly booking the right hotel. Now with Pommtree you will get the latest videos and comments guaranteed! What other websites can promise that? Zippo, none, nada…you get our point 😉

Now, onto the second reason. We all know everyone loves to capture videos and lots of them. But the point is, didn’t you wish there was a way to share your memories in videos? Well guess what Pommtree allows you do that whenever and wherever you want. Seriously, what other website can do that? Go ahead, name some, I dare you!

Last but not least, having real people review places is a good thing. Why you ask? Well, if a place has positive reviews you would go there without thinking about it too much but we’re also real. If some places has had bad reviews, we show it. There isn’t any sugarcoating baby, promise you that.

Well, that is all for today. We’re about to go pool hopping and then record some videos for ya.

Top Exotic Places you need to see for yourself ASAP!

Hello our fellow friends and travelers! How is everyone today?

As you may remember, last week we wrote about a blog of top 10 places you should visit if you want to eat some exotic foods. This week, we have some places with one of the most beautiful views you will ever see in your life! I’m not talking about a balcony view off of a cruise or a hotel view, i’m talking about a straight up view. View that makes you want to take 1000 selfies and panorama pictures of. Yeah, we do that too…a lot…I mean a lot.

Anyways, I want you to check out this article. It’s straight off the travel leisure website.

The number one spot according to the website that travelers love to hit up is, Kyoto, which is located in Japan. Melanie Lieberman said it best. “Readers called it the quintessential Japanese experience, offering visitors everything from history (in the form of spiritual shrines) to notable cuisine (shojin ryori) and encounters with the famed Geisha dancers.” That is something you have to experience for yourselves!

Here’s something cool.  Italy’s classic crowd-pleasers, Florence and Rome has appeared on the list for ten years straight! That’s like Kobe winning every year for ten years straight! I would definitely check those places out if we were you, just saying.

Next up is, Charleston, South Carolina, which is the only domestic city on the list. Recently though, it has fallen off but is still on the list of places to visit.

Jerusalem, the controversial capital of Israel and Bangkok are some other places to visit also

Now, if you don’t want to take the risk or spend loads of money, which we don’t have (tear, tear) you can head over to and literally search up these places. We have videos with commentary. It’s like being there without being there. Ironic huh.

Welp, that’s all for today folks, we’re about to expand our bucket list of places to visit!

Most exotic restaurants that you probably never heard of!

Happy post 4th of july everyone! This is the official week where everyone is recovering from food coma! Speaking of food, who doesn’t love food, especially beautiful restaurants with the right ambient atmosphere. We want everyone to stop what they’re doing and think of their favorite kinds of food and their favorite restaurants. When we count to three, we want everyone to name them!. 1, 2, 3. PASTA! Sorry, we got a little too excited there.

This week, we have this oh so awesome article for you guys to feast your eyes on…get it, FEAST your eyes on..haha, we’re so funny, don’t lie, you laughed.

Take a look at

According to the article, one really popular spot in New York is, “Eataly, the Italian-food mecca from Mario Batali that combines multiple markets with seven restaurants, including a birreria that brews its own ale. The 50,000-square-foot space brings in some 6 million people a year.” Now that sounds overcrowded, which means it’s gotta be delivering some delicious food.

Let’s move on to Atlanta for now. The article mentions there are two new food halls, Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market, which are both enormous. This is just making us hungry thinking about these places.

Here are a few from the website, that lists places you should try. Pounce city Market, which is located in Atlanta. These restaurants are known for beautiful antique lighting and rotating art installations.

Next is, Eataly, located in Chicago. You should check out their Nutellar bar, which has Crepes to Brioche. Who doesn’t like Crepes? Seriously.

Speaking of Crepes, we think that is what our dinner is going to consists of, Strawberry Crepes. If we were you, we would quickly hop on and check out these restaurants for yourselves. We can’t guarantee you won’t be drooling by the time you check out your fourth video of these amazing restaurants. But one thing is for sure, it’s better than looking at pics and wondering, “Does that food really look like that?

Until next time you beautiful people, see you later, or maybe we’ll  see you in one of those beautiful restaurants I mentioned 😉

Top tourist getaways! Maybe it’s on your bucket list!

Heelloooo world!. How are all our Pommtree..ers..Pommtreers. That’s right, We said it. It’s a new word for people who use Pommtree. Just look it up on urbandictionary. Alright, alright, it’s not exactly a real word, but it might as well be.

Today, we want you all to think about what place you want to visit the most, whether it be on your bucket list, or just places you heard a billion people talk about. Now, imagine yourself being there physically and mentally. You could be visiting Paris and their beautiful Eiffel towers or you could be walking along the beautiful Wall of China, whatever floats your boat.

Today we will be talking about the World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions. Check it out! Maybe it’s on your bucket list!

According to, The Forbidden City is a popular destination for many people. Attendance is up by 2.5 million since 2010 according to the article. Shockingly,  China became the second-largest destination for many tourists.

Like theme parks? Well,  France’s Disneyland Park draws about the same number of visitors (10.5 million) and listed as top 4 disney theme parks! Isn’t that awesome?

Although everyone loves new york, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York didn’t quite make it to the top 50 destinations :( We’ll pretend for a few seconds we’re not from New York.

Now before everyone goes crazy and starts booking their traveler stays, We recommend you hop over to Pommtree and check out the videos of people actually being there. This way you can get a hint and scenery of what is actually there. We’re not saying don’t listen to your intuition and heart (Only you know how many times you have done that and been right)

We’re saying be cautious, and make the right decision. And plus, who doesn’t love videos of strangers exploring your favorite destination? Are we right, or are we right?

Anyways, we have to update our bucket list, we have to places to explore 😀

Adios homies, until next time, stay cool, and have fun!